Ayurveda Treatment Packages

EKA Sukam- One Day Relaxation:
Sl.No. Therapy: Time
1 Shiro Abhyangam- Head Massage 15min
2 Mukha Abhyangam- Face Massage 15min
3 Abhyangam- Whole Body Massage 45min
4 Shiro Dhara- Continous pouring of Luke warm oil in forehead (Third eye) 30min
105 min (1 hour 45min)
TRIO Anandham- Three Day Welleness:
1st Day Abhyangam and Swedanam (Sauna)
2nd Day Abhyangam and Shiro Dhara
3rd Day Abhyangam and Kizhi (Herbal Bag Pounding)
SAPTHA dina Karma: 7 day Detoxify Therapy:
1st Day Abhyangam and Swedanam (Sauna)
2nd Day Abhyangam and Swedanam (Sauna)
3rd Day Abhyangam and Shiro Dhara
4th Day Abhyangam and Shiro Dhara
5th Day Kizhi and Nasyam
6th Day Kizhi and Nasyam
7th Day Kizhi and Nasyam
Ayurvedic Massage :

Ayurveda is an ancient natural medical practice from India, in this practice massage is used extensively for various health purposes. There are a number of different types of massage within the Ayurveda practice. Each type of massage provides a benefit to a different aspect of the body. The purpose is to support the balance and harmony of the functions of the body and the three Doshas(3 consituitonin of our body, According to AyurvedaTheroy) which make up the constitution of a person.

The purpose of massage is to help the body to remove toxins from the system. It also helps to relieve stress, improve circulation, assists the body in quickly removing toxins, metabolic wastes and bring the body back into balance.

Ayurvedic massage includes massage of marma point (vital points or the pressure points) & chakra's (energy centers). It's completely different than a typical western-style deep tissue massage. It's generally quick, repetitive, rhythmic, and hypnotic with lots of long strokes brushing up and down the muscles and around the joints.

Ayurvedic massage usually starts with an ayurvedic consultation to first know your body constitution (Dosha), which is done on the diagnosis of constitution, age, type of disease and season.

The intention of ayurvedic massage is to loosen Ama - toxic residue that accumulates due to the stress of everyday living, improper diet, negative emotions, and so on. Ama gets stuck in our tissues. It gets stuck everywhere - in muscles, connective tissue, organs, fluids. According to ayurvedic philosophy, Ama is fat soluble.This is why ayurvedic massages are so oily.

A proper ayurvedic massage with oil removes dirt from the skin, cleans the pores and indirectly helps the functioning of lungs, large intestine and kidneys. With massage, the blood circulation increases and this in turn helps the exfoliation of superficial dead skin cells, tones the skin and encourages its rejuvenation process. Also it improves the texture of the skin, provides a glow and softens the skin.

Ayurvedic messages don't have any side effects and this is the reason that all over the world there is attention to this therapy. Massage also helps the skin to maintain its elasticity and strength. Increase in blood circulation helps to accelerate the lymphatic system which absorbs and eliminates many waste products.

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General Ayurveda Treatments

  • Abhyangam- (Full Body Massage)
  • Abhyangam- (2 person synchronized massage)
  • Podi Kizhi- (Herbal bag pounding)
  • Kadi Vasthi- (Oil placed in the Lumbar region)
  • Greeva Vasthi- (Oil placed in the Cervical region)
  • Janu Vasthi- (Oil placed in the Knee Joints)
  • Netra Tarpanam- (Medicated Ghee filled in eyes)
  • Shiro Dhara- (Continous pouring of luke warm oil in the forehead)
  • Thakra Dhara- (Continous Pouring of Medicated decoction)
  • Shiro Abhyangam- (Head Massage)
  • Mukha Abhyangam- (Face Massage)
  • Lepanam- (Herbal paste application)
  • Vashapa Swedanam - (Steam Bath-Sauna)
  • Sarvanga Dhara- (Gentle pouring of lukewarm oil on the whole body in a rhythmic movement)
  • Matra Vasthi- (Enema with oil)
  • Kashaya Vasthi- (Enema with Medicated decotion according to disesases )
  • Nasyam- (Medicated oil drops in the nostrils)
  • Virechanam- (Purgation Therapy)

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